Football fans are often labeled as obsessed they are loyal to their club and most want an app to themselves and their team rather than sharing it with every other club in the league and getting the same basic information.

According to research from Virgin Money, the average fan spends 33 full days being a supporter – including travelling to and from matches, watching TV, searching the internet and talking about the game with friends. That’s 800 hours a year supporting their team.

Another study showed that, an average football fan is expected to spend nearly 56,000 pounds in his or her lifetime on supporting their teams; the cost of match tickets, petrol, programmes, food and drink. As well as team merchandise such as shirts, hats, scarves and badges. Tim Bailey said: “Football fans are a passionate bunch and how much the average fan spends demonstrates this dedication.”

How much do you spend supporting your football team? 

It is a big market with a strong community where they will cherish anything dedicated to the team they support from dodgy kits to a 99p app where it is a mini world of their football club.