If I am going to go down the road of creating a football app, I need too look at what is the most downloaded of all football apps amongst fans.

For the Football League supporters collectively it is the, Football League – Official Clubs’ AppThe football league itself has an app which consists of every team from the Championship to League two, it includes their “latest” news/results, fixtures and the league table. You can set Your Club so that the team you support always comes up on your home page whilst also being able to search for other clubs.

The positives of it are that you have a lot of information which to hand and it works a lot better than the football league website, as well as this the app is free.

Although it’s 2 and a half stars shows it does indeed have negatives which it could improve on,  the app covers the basics of every club very well but if you support X team, why do you want to know about A, B and C. Functional problems such as bugs and freezing are the main complaint of this app, as well as videos not working.

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And for those in the Premier League there is a separate version: Barclays Football which has score updates, tables, squads and fixture lists of all clubs in the top flight of english football close at hand. Very similar to the Football League app with the same plus and negative points, it just covers a different league market. An extra positive is it has a feature where fans can discuss the games which are currently live and ongoing issues.
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It is important to point out that BOTH of these apps are free.