Once I had clearly decided on doing a liveblog instead of any other formats of online media story telling, I had to decide on what topic to do this liveblog on. While there were many debates and shows I could have chose to liveblog about it seemed sensible for me to a sporting event.

I was thinking of doing a Wimbledon game live, but when attending the last few games I realised that might not the be the best idea because as a supporter of the club I become far too involved with the game and it could detract from the focus on the liveblog. So, instead I have decided to liveblog on a Premier League game which takes place this weekend (Sun 30th) between Fulham and Everton.

The aim of my liveblog (Fulham vs Everton: 13:30 kick-off, 30/03/2014) is to report the events of the match immediately, concisely but accurately, and in an entertaining manner. To engage and inform my audience and use the internet to the best of it’s ability to documents the happenings of the match most effectively. It will aim to develop both my practical skills in design, research and the gathering of information to be used on the liveblog to create a story and the content. Whilst also giving me a chance to express my written skills and enhance them through a different type of writing.