From previous research I have already established why liveblogging is a new phenomenon which is forever growing in effect, and its popularity is steadily increasing.

But, I have only previously researched liveblogging in general and the idea want to create for my final project is a liveblog on a sporting event. So, I have began to research the positive aspects, negative aspects, the dos, the donts and the hints for liveblogging a sporting event.

Steve Buttry, digital transformation editor, wrote a blogpost which has compiled all the tips he received about liveblogging from his social media participants. He was tweeted by BPMORITZ with advice of “treat liveblogs like you do Twitter. Tell me something I can’t tell from watching the game myself, and be a reporter first”. By email, Phil Heron, editor of the Daily Times of Delaware County in America responded: “Our best results on live sports blogging often involves local high school action because they have a big audience and no games were covered on TV. So we received big audiences  – and a lot of reader input — in our live blogs.”
From these tips we can conlcude that the most sucessful liveblogs need to be surrounding a sporting event which will have a big audience and lots of interest. And therefore much contribution. I need to report on the game but also add extra things so that those watching the game and following the liveblog can get something extra from the liveblog. It cannot simply be a report on the event, it needs to be an expansion.