Work with an established media property – something that’s already out there but is missing a trick.

JOURNALISTIC IDEAS: How can you put something onto a tablet? What part of the magazine/product can be taken to the tablet.

Or maybe mobile instead.

Newspaper ideas:

  • Create a social network targeting readers
  • Develop a completely different kind of online content, targeting a different audience ( A good example of this is the MAIL ONLINE and the DAILY MAIL)
  • Create apps that allow people to access content on the go
  • Produce spin off e-books repurpose print content interesting pays.
  • Trinity Mirror – newspaper publisher. Created online only sites to engage new audience (Ampp3d UsvsThe3m).

Revamp something old – reinvent the wheel (New Facebook app – Paper – a way to present your newsfeed)an angle for design and usability (Tweetdeck).

OR Create something new.

PROMOTIONAL IDEAS: Transmedia content marketing – take a traditional media property and build an experience around it across media platforms and online (JayZ’s Decoded Game)

  • Come up with an original idea, not something that works with established media.
  • Think of what you do online with your friends.
  • What would you like to use?
  • Pull things together. (Help me investigate)
  • Niche groups are good. Doesn’t have to be popular with EVERYONE. Focus on something.
  • Mobile is overtaking desktop computers
  • Mobile payments, mobile ads, mobile gaming
  • Continued boom in apps
  • Second screening – people using mobile while watching TV
  • Think about recent events
  • Rise of mobile messaging services – snapchat, kik, scret, whisper
  • Can you work with those channels?

 Choose something that you love. Critique them, it could be more affective. What do you wish that they would do?

Putting together your pitch documents:

  • The essence of the idea /the brief. What problems does it solve? What new opportunity does it take advantage of?
  • The research – data on the audience, how they use the net, the media company you’re working for etc.
  • The idea – describing the idea in more detail – how will it work, what will it look like, how will people use it.
  • Why will it work – possible problems  – how you will tackle them
  • Conclusion.

How to do the presentation:

  • Ten minute long – time it, practice it
  • You can use PowerPoint or Keynote but you don’t have to.
  • Think about ways to make the idea come alive
  • Think about it as a performance
  • Be creative – think about the presentation as a kind of story – structure it
  • Don’t rely on technology – it will go wrong.

Pitch documents and presentation:

  • Pitch documents – 1000-1500 words. Presentation: 10 minutes. You have to do a pitch doc for the presentation (a short summary to hand out at the pitch). You can create more material if you think it will help sell your idea – visuals mock ups
  • Presentations – Thursdays 1st Friday 2nd May.
  • Pitch doc handed in Tuesday 6th May