Radio and Online Audio (Aasiya Lodhi)

What’s available?

  • Embedded audio (no need for local player or software)
  • Push/subscription services (podcasts)
  • Aggravator.

Watched the guardian one, wind blowing across the mic was more extreme at night time. It was basic, plain simple exercise.

Audio guides: Walks/Museums

  • Tate gallery
  • NY times
  • Selfridges: The Tour App

No linear activity

Instant gratification

People not listening in a normal way anymore (not traditional)

What’s next?

  • Second screen technology
  • User generate content (even more)
  • Building in surprise and serendipity (loyalty)
  • Maximizing potential of the time / duration on the web.

One link magic formula

  • importhtml google spreadsheet (“LINK”,”TABLE”,”0”)
  • How to import tables on to excel, data collecting.
  • Free data on the centre for investigative journalism
  • GENIUS guide how to use spreadsheets for journalists – http://issuu.comtcij/socs/data_journalism_book