This week we focused on ‘online video’ and began with the differences between online video and television. These are:

– The message

– Medium, the device used to get information (eg video diaries).

– Interactivity

– Production

– Audience; on TV it is a wide audience it tries to reach everyone, but online videos can be specific.

– They can be very visually driven stories, the images are a soul focus.

– Online uses simple story telling, effectively.

– Although it is simple, a variety of shots are used to keep the audience engaged because it is easy for the audience to switch off/close the page.

– Shots are motivated by the words/interviews.

– Online videos have to be clear and to the point to keep the attention.

– A creative assembly – there creativity itself delivers a message.

– Use of graphics can draw attention to key points, stats/facts, highlighting important points or issues.

– Consistency and the careful selection of shots is important.

Taking all this onboard, we then shot our own mini online video which was 3 minutes long using an app on our iPhones called ‘CuteCut’. It allowed us to quickly film, edit and produce a film. Because the idea for us was to get the emphasis/shots/interviews correct we chose to make up a comical story about a lion loose in the university. Because we were not focusing on the story line so much we allowed ourself to understand the importance of the shots, angles and the interviews we gained.