– The assessments: Individual project due 4th April, product development and presentation dates are 1st/2nd of May, the module blog and critical report is due 6th May. (The individual project is to be published on this blog, if it is a blog it is to have it’s separate category. Or you can produce a website/multimedia story telling, but still a link to be published on the blog.)

– The 6 verbs which sum up the change in the internet over the last few years and the future of the online world. Screening, interacting, sharing, flowing, accessing, generating. Kevin Kelly’s view on the future of the internet.

– Set up our own blogs, making sure the theme has a tool bar to the left so it is easy to navigate. Make use of all helpful tools on WordPress such as categories, embedding videos/pictures and creating links. Setting it up to blog about every week of the module. How to blog affectively and why it is important.

– Got involved in the #aomedia2014 on Twitter to create a further network for the groups work and share stories which we think will be of help to others. The use of social media and it’s ability to create stories for us, or be used a research tool to aid us in our search for information.